Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Green Affair

I wore this dress a couple of weeks ago on my trip to visit one my gorgeous friends, JC, who lives in Dallas TX. I am soooooooo in love with this dress that-yes, it will get its own blog post.

I am really OBSESSED with asymmetrical hemlines. There is something glamorous about this fit of clothing. I feel like I am strutting with a purpose every time I have one of my (now a mass collection) asymmetrical dresses. I saw this dress from one of my favorite website, The brand is Reverse and they are a line of fashion clothing based from Australia. I knew I had to have it and I brought a long with me for a party weekend of fun in Texas. Enjoy the pictures.

On me:
Reverse Dress Embellished and Cut Out Details,
(see blog post about other dress on: Yes Times 8)
Enchant Strappy Open Toe Sandal, $35.00
Snake bracelet ring, $23.00
Silver earrings, $14.80
Lambskin quilted Chanel, $2975.00

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