Saturday, November 19, 2011

Flowy red

I have awesome friends! 
My beautiful friend, Cheryl, went to Australia a couple of weeks ago and got a bunch of us girls cute clothes. She scored me a flowy red skirt and a navy top. She knew how hot asymmetrical hemlines are right now and she got each one of us an asymmetrical clothing pieces. I love it so much that this is the second time i've worn it- once in school and now to go for a lunch date with the hubby and some christmas shopping. 

On me:
Black/white vintage print top, DessaFashionLove
Red cotton asymmetrical skirt,
Sam Edelman Zoey boots, $194
Knitted beanie, $6.80
Faux leather biker jacket, $49.50
Lambskin quilted Chanel, $2975

metro ride to Downtown DC

Yummy. my first time in Pot Belly:)


  1. omg!!! in-love-with the skirt !!! you look so cute with that hat ! I'm so happy to see that you also post pics of your hubby.. I do the same some times :D heheehee!!! God bless you both :D !

  2. lol. we have to. Our hubby's are our number supporters, right.