Friday, November 25, 2011


Three thanksgivings ago, while I was still in the military, I got deployed to Iraq. Even though, like many soldiers I knew I had to serve my country, I was reluctant to go. In Iraq, I met my wonderful husband and I am thankful everyday for God’s blessings in disguise. I am thankful for bestfriend, rock and hero, my husband Tommy, the cutest pup ever Titan, all my wonderful friends around the world, my awesome family, and God’s continuous blessings. I am also thankful that my wonderful hubby supports my love for fashion and encourages me to achieve my dream. Happy thanksgiving everyone! Let’s keep the troops in our thoughts and prayers who has to spend this holiday away from their families.

This thanksgiving, we didn’t go to our parent’s to spend thanksgiving. Since we are trying to have some leave for Christmas, we opted to stay local. What better way to spend thanksgiving than to spend it with your friends from your hometown that lives around the area as well. Our friends from Guam, the Malinao’s hosted an Island style thanksgiving with barbeque, red rice, kelaguin and more yummy island food. They did however have a turkey so my hubby was in luck. Lol. It was a great thanksgiving with delicious food and awesome friends. More pictures to come….

On me:
Queen Of The Tigris Maxi Dress in taupe,
Vintage taupe clutch, DessaFashionLove ETSY
Triple ring harness bracelet,
Vintage suede belt with gold buckle, DessaFashionLove ETSY
Privelege black faux suede wedges, $42.00

I am thankful for my family <3

The yummy feast at the Malinao's
more thanksgiving pictures to come once I get off work:/


  1. Love the asymmetrical look! Seriously thinking about wearing something like this for new years.

  2. You should! I love these dresses. they are dramatic and so chic!