Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween weekend

I am a little late blogging about Halloween but since I posted this in my chictopia blog, might as well blog about it here.

This Halloween, we drove to Virginia Beach, VA to party with our favorite couple friends, Angie and Justin. They moved to VA this year and since we partied with them for Halloween 2010, we wanted continued our tradition this year. It was a two day party since Angie had her house party on Friday and we all went out Saturday. Our Friday costume, we decided to be a spider man family. We initially got our dog, Titan’s costume first so we revolve our costume around him. It was too cute not too. Lol  Since Angie’s party was on a Friday, we didn’t want to be costume-less on Saturday when we he hit the bars. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money since we didn’t plan on having two costumes this year. So the husband and I brainstorm on what we can be for a cheap price and came up with a plan, a circus master and her circus freak. He went as a bearded lady and I his circus master. We went to a thrift store and put our costumes together for less than $100. Most of my costume was already in my closet so I really saved on having DIY costume. Hope you all enjoy the pictures.

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