Monday, August 29, 2011

Girly tough

I am all about girly dresses lace, chiffon, frills and all. When fall season comes around, I rock my girly dresses with something tough. So when I found these Jeffrey campbell france boots, I knew it would be the perfect accessories to toughen up any girly look.

On me:
"White Love" lace dress,
Jeffrey Campbell France boot, $178.00
Lambskin quilted Chanel, $2795.00

If you like this look.. then here you go:
Jessica Simpson Tylera boots, $159.00

Lace dress, $48.00

Fashion Icon

One of my fashion icons is Rihanna. She just defines fashion and glamour. Her ever revolving style keeps everyone in their toes and she takes fashion risks whether people like or not.
I admire her for that. I believe that fashion should be fun. It should not matter if you may eventually look like fashion victim as long as love what you are wearing. No one’s opinion should matter but yours.

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” Gore Vidal

Rihanna from Glamour Magazine's September 2011,issue, looking absolutely gorgeous in red hair and old 1940's glamour look.
( P.S. I guess I have a thing for red headed girls;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vintage inspires me

Fashion trends come back over and over again so instead of spending big bucks on current trendy items, I like to find cheap thrift/vintage deals. To me, thrift/vintage shopping is finding piece that I can wear with my modern outfit and rock em!
 You should try it. Not only will you be wearing something unique, you can be a part of the past life of some stylish fashionistas. Let vintage inspire you.

On me:
Wine vintage hat, $5.99
Exaggerated collar black top, $2.99
both from Unique store
Paris blues denim cut offs, $24.95 macy's stores
Sole boutique "red wine" bootie

On me:
Chiffon overlay (came with a dress), $ 6.99 Unique store
Basic black tunic, $10.95 h&m stores
Taupe laced suede platform, $38.95
Jeffrey Campbell France boot, $178.00

On me:
Black and white polka dot romper $ 6.99 Unique store
Faux suede fuchsia platform pumps, $35.00

On me:
Newport news crochet floor length jacket $ 7.99 
Vintage black hat, $5.99
both from Unique store
purple graphic tee, $12.95 h&m
Paris blues denim cut offs, $24.95 macy's stores
Taupe laced platform bootie, $38.50

Vintage hats hats hats
Black, red wine, and fiery red

What's on your feet... for fall?

Although it is still August, which can be the hottest summer month for majority of the cities, every fashionista is aware that fall is just right around the corner. This means that you have to get your fall wardrobe in NOW! 

Since Fall is my favorite season, I have already started my wardrobe and shoe collection. I love shoes so they are priority in my collection. And by golly, many of these fall fabulous heels can even worn now with shorts, dresses and skirts per fashion gurus.

Clockwise on my feet:

Asos Hector rust leather booties
Asos Aleshia leather ankle brown bootie
Qupid buckle boots
Qupid rust bow front heels
London Rebel contract snake wedges
Asos leather lace-up bootie
Sole boutique "red wine" bootie
Asos pumpkin blue courtshoe
[click to enlarge photo]

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In the Navy

The hubby's b-day is not until next week but his idea of a b-day celebration is to chill in his pajamas all day.  Soooo I decided to throw him a b-day dinner a week before since I love having celebrations for EVERYTHING;)  At least I can still give him the pajama b-day that he wants.

Yes we are one of those couples that like to dress in the same theme color-lame, I know. lol Tonight's hubby and wife theme is navy. I also did the highest puff I've ever done my hair. With a daring navy and gray heels and a statement necklace, I kept the other accessories simple. 

On me:
Navy satin romper, $22.90
Liliana two tone strappy heels, $36.00
layered necklace, $11.90
Vintage Christian Dior clutch

Southwest Inspired

Are you ready for fall?! I can't wait to wear fall trends especially the Southwest inspired pieces. This coming fall season, it's all about the intricate details of Navajo patterns, fringes, and feathered accessories.

Just landed my closet... gray suede fringe shorts. I love em!!!

get your southwest inspired pieces from sites such as....

All pieces from the picture below can be found from

Southwest inspired from Elle mag.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

YSL says... Fashion fade; style is eternal

Fashion fade; style is eternal [YSL]

I love this quote! Although  I believe that following fashion trends are good thing, I firmly believe that YSL is right-style is eternal. So when you find the style that looks good and you love, stick to it. You can jazz it up with trends but having your own style is what makes you unique.

enough said.

Today, we wanted to take the little furball to the dog park. Yes, my style... I am all about making a statement.  I will dress up even to the dog park;)

On me:
Vintage brixton hat, $4.00
Off shoulder have love hope tee, $16.95
Leopard print skirt, $19.00
Messeca Jesenia fringe heels, $77.00
Black Michael Kors cross-body bag, $250.OO Michael Kors stores

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday night fair

Fairs are always fun.....
Going to the fair with friends- even more fun!

I like getting dressed up for our date nights. I wanted to feel a little pin-up like so I wore this vintage bustier jumpsuit that I got a while back. With red lipstick and a giant red flower on my hair, I am ready for a night of fair fun:D

p.s the red heels were just for pictures:) of course I wore flats to the fair. lol

on me at the fair:
Vintage polka dot bustier jumpsuit,
black patent belt, $6.90
Black Michael Kors cross -body bag, $250.00 Michael Kors stores
Black faux leatherette Sandals, $16.95

Friday, August 19, 2011

Vintage treasures

Why I love vintage shopping...found this classic Coach briefcase cross body bag for $30. Hell yes!!!!

Coach bag, $30

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maxi dresses all year round

A friend asked me if I think maxi dresses still have a few seasons left in them soooo here you go girl… my blog about maxi dresses.

In the  midst of looking at fall trends, I came across a quote stating that “femininity will always be fashionable.”  So, yes- flirty dresses, either short or maxi, will still be in style for fall.  To me, it's maxi dresses all year round.

When looking at on-line fashion pages and magazines, it is evident that maxi dresses are still a favorite with many designers along with fur vest & coats, leopard anything, 70’s fashion, & more. See my blog about fall trends:

My rule with fashion is, wear whatever you want! It’s your body, your style, your life. Fashion should be fun and if people give you funny looks then you must making a statement;) So if you want to wear maxi dresses for fall, go for it. Just make sure you layer for warmth.

This picture blog is for my fashionista friend Kristin, a little suggestion on what to wear with the maxi dress she wants to purchase. Now once fall and winter is over, this dress would be a perfect as spring/summer dress as well.

Look book:
Maxi dress fall style
Romeo & Juliet couture calico print dress $15.00
Dollhouse Women Talana’s knee high boots, $59.16
Elie Tahari “Vanessa” Jacket, $276.00
Black floppy hat, $32.00
Faux leather belt, $7.80

[click to enlarge photo]

Vintage project of the day: DIY pants to dress

I am an avid on-line shopper. I think it’s the best thing that came out of the world of web. I don’t have the patience to browse through the racks and I feel exhausted every time I do go shopping in stores. With thrift/vintage shopping, I can make an exception. I love finding vintage goods and transforming them to something modern. The plus with vintage transformation is that you can have something unique. And in case you mess up, there’s no harm done because many vintage pieces are not that pricey.

My latest vintage find was this chiffon sheer pants. I only bought it because it came with this super RAD jacket that I will blog about soon. The pants were too big and frumpy so I decided to rip it to pieces and make a dress.

**My rule about transforming thrift/vintage items is that it must be cheap enough that you don’t feel bad if you mess up**

Since I altered this last night and forgot to video it, here are some basic step by step of what I did.

First, I cut the pants lining, both the sheer chiffon and the inside of the pants.
Then I shortened the inside to a dress length that I want.  I left the sheer chiffon on it’s own since it will be the
Cut the area of where the pants use to be to make the dress even on the sides.
Iron the edges so that it will be even when I sew it together.
Once you sew it together, iron the edges to make it flat so that it looks like it was a dress all along. The result is my vintage project of the day: DIY pants to dress.

The next time I find a vintage item that I want to transform, I will remember to record it. I love how it turned out and I can’t wait to rock it for fall!

You can find these type of dresses in sites such as

as soon on on-line shopping sites

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If the fortune cookie says so...

If you say so fortune cookie... I definitely agree.

Give yourself more reason to shop;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just like Lita

I blogged about the Jeffrey Campbell Lita a couple of months back. I was hesitant to buy it because I didn't like the bulky look and it was a little pricey for being so plain. But alas-the Lita look alike is now  out in many sites such as and amiclubwear. It looks just the same and it actually is very comfortable. I have other jeffrey Campbell shoes in my collection such as the Laced, Foxy, El Carmen & Oh so much and this actually gojane version actually fits true to size. So if you don't want to spend big bucks on this very trendy booties, go out and get yourself the Lita look alike. It's pocket friendly and just as lovely <3
Vintage Beige lace dress, $6.99 (Altered by me)
see blog:
Taupe Laced suede platform $38.50
Taupe vintage clutch, $2.00

 Taupe Laced suede platform $38.50

But if you want the original Litas, you can find them in