Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY: studded booties

I finally did it! I finally finished my DIY studded JC lita studded look a-like. After months and months of stalling, I finally got the right tools to finish my beautiful studded booties.
Initially, I used glue to put the studs together but since I am a  very clumsy girl that trips a lot on herself, some of my studs fell off:/ Luckily, a fellow fashionista friend of mine, Paul, told me about his DIY studded project and that he bought leather puncher. So I got one and boom- I finally have my very own studded booties.

What you need:
Lace up leatherette booties, $41.95
Leather hole puncher, $19.99
Stud cones, price varies

Once I get more studs, I will attempt to do the heels. 

My DIY studded booties cost less than $80 dollars compared to the jeffrey campbell studded Lita with a price range of $189-224. yay for DIY!

If you want the original JC studded lita for $185-$229, get them @

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  1. Ohmg your shoes are beautiful, they do not look DIY x') being a broke teen I may get my friend to help do this LOL.
    Loving your blog though :')