Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Early Christmas

I am only blogging about this because my Christmas gift from the hubby is awesome this year. We opened our Christmas gifts early because we will be traveling for the holidays and will be spending Christmas apart with our families. The hubby got me what I have wanted for a while; a Marc by Marc Jacobs baby aidan. I already knew I was getting bag but since the hubby is very traditional, he did not let me open my gift until it was time for the gift unwrapping. He also got me a new pink Iphone otter (which is a necessity since I break all my phones) and video editing software. Thanks babes.
His gifts were there suits, DVDs and cufflink sets. Titan, our puppy, also got to open his Christmas gift. Like most dogs, he likes socks better than his gifts. Hahha.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Red and Gold

This weekend, a friend had her 26th birthday “red and gold theme” dinner at Marriott Grill 700, Baltimore MD. Although it was a hell of a drive, it was a good dinner with good people.

 I wore a gold bandage dress that I bought from nastygal.com. It was short and tight and because it was a little cold that night so I wanted to try my sheer stockings that I purchased from asos.com.  The pro of the stockings is that when you wear it, no one can tell you are wearing one. However, as you can see with the pictures we took that night, it looks a bit shiny. I guess next night out, I will opt to go bare legs instead of wearing the stockings and having pictures with shiny legs. haha

All in all, it was a fun night out with friends.

On me:
Gold Midas Cut out dress, $ 68 www.nastygal.com
Spiked drop earrings, $13.00 www.forever21.com
Victoria platform pumps (with DIY spikes, see DIY studded booties) $41.95 www.gojane.com
Double spike ring, www.asos.com
Patent black envelope clutch, $18.00 www.forever21.com

Happy happy birthday DJ!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I recently blogged about my  recent shoe obsessions, shoes with gems, sparkles and stud. See blog gems,sparkles,and studs.  I was tempted to buy one but a fellow fashionista friend suggested that she will DIY and save money. I was inspired and did the same. The original shoes, Hause of Price - Multi Gem Arch Heel, is priced for $239 from www.Solestruck.com.  My version of the bedazzled shoes has a total cost of less than $50 dollars.  I think it turned out pretty damn cute. I can't wait to rock it with skinny jeans or an LBD. Get inspired and start bedazzling your shoes:)

What you need:
Either heels or wedges. The shoes I picked is my Privilege wedge shoes, $42.00 Amazon.com
A pack of gems, price range $2.80-$4.80 Michaels store or www.michaels.com
Quick grip glue, $3.89 Michaels store or www.michaels.com

My final touch is the heart gems on the heels. it's too cute:D

Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh clutches

I have been obsessed with clutches lately, especially vintage clutches. Since I recently discovered the wonderful eBay app on Iphone, I have won 2 clutches from the site (yay for eBay winnings). One, is a vintage Fendi clutch and the other, (a gift from the hubby) is a vintage Gucci clutch. I love love them both!

[click to enlarge]
[click to enlarge]

 Now all I need to complete my collection is a YSL large clutch. I still have not found it on eBay but if all else fails, I will buy it brand new. I have to have it!  It is just soooooooo beautiful. The one I have my eye on is the YSL “Belle De Jour” large clutch. You can find this beauty in sites such as www.ysl.com or www.nordstrom.com. Please Santa, I’ve been really good this year….. sigh.

[click to enlarge]

Holiday Party Outfits

The holiday season is here!

Holiday season is known as the season of giving, the time of the year that you actually want to spend with your family, and the time to reflect on the meaning of Christmas.
For all the fashionistas out there, of course, it is also the time for Holiday parties! With that being said, here are some of my holiday outfit picks in every style and websites. They are budget fashionistas pocket friend as well.

For those fashionistas that want an elegant look, check out www.asos.com
Black suede Pump it up court shoe, $99
Faux Frame clutch, $32
Pieces Falulla Bobble Earrings, $10.91
Lipsy Crystal and Gold Rectangular ring, $ 21.82
ASOS One Shoulder Dress in Metallic Jacquard, $88.00 (This is my favorite and I now own it)

For those fashionistas that want a rad yet chic look, check out http://www.topshop.com/
Navy Block ring, $20
Podium Cross over platform sandals, $200
Glitter double clutch, $76
Stud Leopard Corset Dress by Dress up Topshop, $300

For those fashionistas that want a romantic look, check out http://www.lulus.com/
Rose Maiden One shoulder maxi dress, $83
Wingtip Silver feather ring, $11 (This is also in my collection)
Promise Champagne Satin peep toe heels, $44

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

These lips

I really don’t have much to blog about but I just wanted to because I love this outfit. I am obsessed with graphic tees. I think if I actually count it , I may have about 60 graphic tees in  my collection. So when I saw this giant lips tee, it had to be mine. It had a rock and roll feel to it and with leather jacket, trilby hat, frayed shorts and biker boots- it was definitely a rocker outfit. I wore it, this past Saturday to see Santa in a harley Davidson event. Sadly Santa already left when we got there. It would have been fun to see him dressed up in a biker outfit. The hubby cheered me up though by taking me to a sushi buffet date. All and all, it was a good Saturday QT time with the hubby.

On me:
Michael by Michael Kors Jenna Large Tote, $295 MichaelKors.com
Lips  graphic long sleeve tee, $27.60 gojane.com
Dark Denim Paris Blues frayed shorts, $24.95 Macy’s store
Black Opaque tights, Betsey Johnson
Faux leather puff sleeve biker jacket, $49.95 forever21.com
Jeffrey Campbell France strap boot, $180 nastygal.com

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hey fashion lovers... meet my newest addition to my collection, Louis Vuitton Artsy MM.

I have been looking for a Damier azure print to replace my speedy 35 azure. I wanted to sell the speedy and get a more lady like bag. I wanted the Saracussa at first until I came across the Artsy. It has a very simple and classic design yet it has very interesting details. I knew this was my next bag. I sold the speedy and now the Artsy is in my collection.....
I am one happy camper <3

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our winter has begun

These last couple of days, I think the east coast said "goodbye" fall and "hello" to the cold winter. The temperature has dropped and all the leaves have fallen out of the trees. This means layers of clothing, thick coats, leg wear and warm head wear. 

 Since it's been cold I wanted to bundle up before going out for some last minute shopping errands. So I wore knits and shearling. I got this cute fair isle printed skirt from Gojane and combined with a tank and leggings for a casual look. I toughen the look with some strappy buckled wedges and my best outerwear buy of  the winter, a cascade shearling jacket. It was a perfect outfit for a day of shopping and dining with my two favorite boys, Tommy and Titan. 

(Oh, and today was the first day I wore my Tory Burch city messenger bag. yay! I love it!)

On me:
Gray v-neck tank, $7.90 forever21.com
Fair Isle printed skirt, $13.80 gojane.com
Tory Burch Blue City messenger bag, $376.00 Bloomingdales.com
Cascade Shearling jacket, $80.90 store.alloy.com
Cracked iridescent wedge, $44.00 gojane.com
Off white knit beanie, $20.95 bakers shoes store
Taupe opaque tights, $9.90 h&m store
Wooden hook necklace, $13.00 lulus.com

Sunday lunch at Panera... muffies are yummy.

Titan was like "Daddy, I want this giant bone!"

Tommy buying our last present for christmas..... American girl for his daughter Darci

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Etsy Items

I have new items on my Etsy store.
 I love vintage and I know many people do as well. I think it's a budget fashionista's duty to share her love for vintage in affordable prices. The pieces I sell depends on how much I find the items. If you have any suggestions or want to see a certain size, please feel free to contact me at mylacelliott@gmail.com. Thanks.
Check out my store for more vintage items!

Some of my vintage pieces on Etsy. More to come....

on me:
Off white lace sequin shift dress, DessaFashionLove-Etsy:Off white sequin dress
Patent off white pumps, $42 amazon.com
Vintage Fendi bag/clutch, ebay.com
Michael Kors stainless steel watch, amazon.com

On me:
Vintage red/black polka dot top, DessaFashionLove-ETSY:red and black polkadot top
Wool Tribly hat, nastygal.com
Frayed denim shorts, forever21.com
Leo platform heels, gojane.com
Black quilted Chanel bag

on me:
Beige button down collared dress, DessaFashionLove-Etsy
Louis Vuitton Solagne bag, www.louisvuitton.com
Leather tan belt, h&m stores
Vintage tan boots

on me:
Vintage coral blazer with exaggerated sleeves,  DessaFashionLove-ETSY: Mod style blazer
Wool trilby hat, nastygal.com
Distressed Gray graphic tee, forever21.com
Jeffrey Campbell France Strap boot, nastygal.com

on me:
Privil├Ęge Black faux suede wedges, amazon.com
Black quilted Chanel bag,

Friday, December 9, 2011

Home Alone

When your significant other is out of town and you’ve one all you can do to pass the time on a Friday night such as grocery shopped, cleaned, cooked, altered any vintage projects whatsoever, what’s left but to play dress up.  It’s really what I do best when I am all alone. Hahah.
 I wanted to try on my new mesh leggings from Romwe.com. It took a while for them to ship it but they have some pretty cute stuff so I think I will shop in their site again. I all about the retro look right now so when I saw these leggings on their site, I knew it had to belong in my closet.

Red lipstick, rad hats, graphic tees and leggings are one of my favorite retro looks.  

On me:
Graphic Audrey Hepburn  off-white loose tee, gojane.com
Wool Trilby hat, nastygal.com
Mesh leather leggings, Romwe.com
Black platform victoria booties, gojane.com (DIY project diy-studded-booties)
Michael Kors Stainless steel watch, Amazon.com
Leaf oversize ring, lulus.com
Leather wrist band, bought in Croatia

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Titan says

Woof woof-Titan says Happy Holidays!!

Just cause my pup Titan looks so cute in this picture posing next to his christmas gift, I thought I'd share it all to you! Happy Holidays from my family to yours <3

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dress up your basics

Here are some five winter basics:
Gray knitted fringe scarf, amiclubwear.com
Michael by Michael Kors Jenna Large Tote, MichaelKors.com
Jeffrey Campbell France Strap Boot, nastygal.com
Black knitted beret, H&M stores
Black V-neck tee, Foreignexchange.net

To dress up your basics so that you don’t feel so plain, try pairing with something loud/wild/rad. For instant, I scored a very rad maxi chiffon animal print skirt from gojane.com during the black Friday sales. Although it’s a maxi skirt, it has a slit in the front that adds a bit of sexiness to it. Combine all your basic items and accessorize and   tadaaaaa- your basic attire just got a little cooler.

And of course since it is winter, just add your black biker leather jacket and the cool radar just top the notch.