Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Etsy goods

I have new items on my Etsy store.
 I love vintage and I know many people do as well. I think it's a budget fashionista's duty to share her love for vintage in affordable prices. The pieces I sell depends on how much I find the items. If you have any suggestions or want to see a certain size, please feel free to contact me at Thanks.

Check out more in my store!

Some of my vintage pieces on Etsy. More to come....


  1. great looks girl !!! feel free to come by my site and check my outfits out...would love to hear your opinion :) !!! best wishes for you ..xoxo !!!!

  2. i adore your dresses!! beautiful red shoes!!

    if you have a minute, please vote for me here!!

  3. Thanks art & bell and Marie.

    Marie- just voted for you. grazie gorgeous.