Saturday, November 5, 2011


I think graphic tees are the cutest. They make any outfit fun. If you like graphic tees, you can find affordable and super cute tees from, h&m stores,, etc. 
You can pair them with everything from skirts and skinny jeans to shorts and even dress pants. If my only allowed me, I would wear graphic tees to work. lol. 
I scored this cute FOXY graphic tee from I wanted to wear a comfy outfit for me and my hubby's shopping and dinner date. Cute and comfy-always a yes!

On me:
Vintage brixton hat
Brown Foxy graphic tee, $14.95
Maxi asymmetrical sheer skirt, $54.90 Vero Moda
Dollhouse Asra brown/black bootie, $59.95
Ukita Dirty Martini Marc by Marc Jacob bag, $500
Wooden hook necklace, $12.00
Leaf ring, $12.00

My heaven... DSW shoe store. lol

nom nom nom... my filipino food fix at Pangpanguena Cafe

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