Thursday, April 28, 2011

Italian and shoe shopping

I like the days when me and my partner in crime have an impromtu date night dinner and shopping. This date night we ended up eating on a little italian restaurant before heading to DSW for some shoe shopping. The food was delicious and I found a great deal on a blowfish cork garren sandals. Cork/wooden sandals are everywhere this summer so go get yours!
On me: 
Brown Fedora hat $16.95 World Market stores
Tan lace-up heels $32.00
purple silk floral top $12.95 TJMaxx stores
leaf earrings $12.00
TJMAXX Denim Shorts, $24.00  
dolce and gabbana bag $250 D&G stores
Find it here:

Trend alert!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Current wishlist

These items are my current wishlist. They are all from have a variety of fashionable and trendy items to pick from. And their prices are very pocket-friendy too. 3 out of 6 will soon be in my collection:) Check em out!

Gold soda flats $20.00
Top it off black top $44.00
Brown sheer dress $53.00
Gold firebird necklace $12.00
Black uneven Cimmerian Sway Black skirt $53.00
Multi color wooden heels $45.00

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pink Mac Love

Nowadays, everyone carries their smart phone or their laptop around. So why not dress up your gadget too. My current obsession is accessories for my new Mac book pro. Since I love pink, I got all pink/fuchsia accessories.
Pink see thru hard shell $31.99
Pink Marc Jacobs sleeve, $40.00

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moving out weekend and Sunday night din din

I love dressing up even if it's just a small get together with friends. I can will make any excuses to get dress up like, "it's our Easter dinner or it's been a while since we have been out." My point is-You CAN ALWAYS MAKE EXCUSES TO DRESS UP;)
This weekend, we moved to into our new apartment. There was not much time to do anything so it was nice to get out  with our friends who helped us with our move. Our treat, of course,  for their awesomeness:). The best thing about this new apartment is that I got a bigger bedroom for my closet. Yay! I now have a walk-in closet inside my bedroom. To top it off, I get to put my day bed in there that's been in storage for years. Me and my friend Angie actually put it together without the guy's help. Now I can sit in my bedroom/closet and just look at my fabulous finds ^_^
On me: Black t-shirt, $7.00 charlotte russe
Royal blue chiffon skirt, $14.90
Silver floral cuff, $12.00
Vintage tribal wooden necklace, $7.00

Vintage vertical stripe dress, $5.00
Silver floral cuff, $12.00
Vintage tribal wooden necklace, $7.00
Tan woven belt, $10.90
Jessica Simpson Tan wooden heels, $79.99 Macy’s stores
Black Michael Kors cross-body bag, $250 Michael Kors stores

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Turn heads with stylish headwear

If you want to make a fashion statement or you are just having a bad hair day,  put some head wear on. They are fun, flirty, fashionable and sometimes  needed for many bad hair days.  Here are few of my favorite headwears.  So go out and get one and you will turn heads;)
On Diva DJ:
Black vintage-like headpiece,
On me:
 Green woven floppy hat, $14.95 h&m stores
Brown floral hair clip (attached to a generic elastic band), $5.95 h&m stores
Pink floral headband, $6.90
Woven fedora hat, $7.50
See stars such as Kate Middleton, Rihanna, etc wear headpieces to glam up their outfits. You can find similar headwear or hats in sites such as or or

Monday, April 18, 2011

Summer is just around the corner….so off we go to the Garden/Flower Festival

East coast winter can be tough. Our winter gears consist of layers of clothing, tights, heavy coats and boots. So when  spring and summer season is upon is, I like to be out and about in my little dresses enjoying the beautiful weather. The warm weather has not fully hit us yet so my outfits still consists of a bit of layering and booties. Since the sun was out this weekend, even though it was a little chilly, I wanted to be in my floral outfit for the Garden and flower festival in Leesburg VA. Nothing like embracing the closeness of summer by wearing pretty floral dressesJ
On me:
Floral coral dress,$32.00 
woven hat $8.00
tan belt $14.95 h&m
Leaf earrings, $12.00
Silver floral cuff, $11.90
Tan booties $30.00
Tan knit cardigan, $24.95 h&m stores
Galleria PM, $1430.00

Vintage in 3 ways

The great thing about fashion is that many pieces always come back in style; the Mod phase, 70’s phase, and even the dreaded 80’s phase.  You can always preserve your favorite items and know that they will come back in style.
I found this 70’s jump suit in a thrift store for $7.00. (yayers, it’s  a DEAL!)  Like my blog title says, it’s a vintage piece worn in 3 different ways.  This can be done with many other items. You just have to learn to mix and match and accessorize.

On me:
Vintage brown and purple floral jumpsuit, $6.00
Dark brown woven fedora hat with purple lining, $16.95 world market stores
Wooden dark brown heels, $35.00
Camel wide brim hat, $6.50 forever21
TJMAXX Denim Shorts, $16.00
Woven Clutch, $5.00
Dolce Vita brown wedges, $19.99
Brown floral clip (attached to a generic elastic band) $5.95 H&M stores
Black lace top, $12.90
Silver floral cuff, $11.90
Vintage silver tribal necklace with black stone pendant, $6.00

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dresses around the world

I have rule... no matter where you are at and what you are doing,  fashion still applies. Hence my blog title, dresses around the world. I have been lucky and was given the opportunity to be able to travel. And everywhere I went, I made sure I carried in my luggages, cute dresses, skirts, tops, etc. My all-time favorite travel wear are dresses. They are easy to put on, light on the luggage and can be worn all year around. Here are some of my travels around the world and my dresses I wore in these travels.

On me TOP COLLAGE, clockwise from the left:
Little black dress in Rome, It, Cheetah layered dress in Barcis Italy, multi color chained strap dress in Republic of San Marino, Sequin silver dress in Aviano Italy, Red a-line rope strap dress in Croatia, Vintage mustard dress in DC,  Pink floral t-strap back dress in Trieste Italy, Green halter dress in Verona Italy, Royal blue dress in Barcelona Spain, Teal criss cross dress in Budapest Hungary, Floral off the shoulder dress in Slovenia, Gray bubble hem dress in Trier Germany and in the middle one sleeve paint style dress in Venice Italy.

On me MIDDLE COLLAGE, clockwise from the left:
Yellow maxi dress in Treviso Italy, Green and gray tribal dress in Pisa and Florence Italy, Criss cross backless dress Milan Italy, Khaki dress ruffle hem dress in New York, Paint brush prnt chiffon dress in San Diego, Backless floral shoulder nany dress in Bahamas, Green and fuschia backless maxi dress in Virginia Beach, Purple tribal print maxi dress in Lake Ozark MO,  Zebra print dress in Paris France, Black and white floral tube top in Playa del Carmen Mexico, Off the shoulder beige dress in LA, and in the middle, black and beige crochet dress in Cinqueterra Italy.

On me BOTTOM COLLAGE, clockwise from the left:
Black maxi dress in Scottland, Purple floral maxi dress in Honolulu HI, Dark purple chiffon dress in Amsterdam, Chiffon layered purple dress in London England,  blue, yellow, green striped dress in Guam, Backless pink dress in Munich Germany, Black tribal print dress in Austria, Polka dot chiffon dress in Egypt,  Hot pink layered dress in Cinqueterra, pink and black floral dress in Peniche Portugal, Green, orange floral dress in  Japan, Black layered chiffon dress in Prague-Czech Republic and in the Middle Royal blue one sleeve dress in Monaco while traveling in the French Reviera.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vintage revamped

I love vintage finds. I love revamping shirts, pants and dresses into something more up to date. I found this dress for $4.00 at unique thrift store. It looked long and frumpy but the trick with vintage finds is you gotta look at its potential. With a little altering of the hem, this long frumpy shirt dress became a cute 70's short dress for me to go out and about with.
I wore this dress to the mall today. Gotta be fashionable while shopping:)
On me:
Dark brown woven fedora hat with purple lining, $16.95 world market stores
Leaf earrings, $12.00
Green, purple and pink vintage shirt dress, $4.00
Turquoise ring, $5.95 h&m stores
Brown leather thin belt, $12.95 h&m stores
Wooden dark brown heels, $35.00
Dessa customize necklace
Vintage style shades, $15.00

Friday, April 15, 2011

mixing colors

It's sushi date night!
I have been craving sushi for days now so tonight my husband and I decided to have dinner at a sushi buffet. It was yummy! We did have to work out before hand so I needed something quick to change into from my gym clothes.
Yes, there are some days there is no time to glam up but we should still try to look cute:)
My outfit is a mix of colors of pink, khaki green and gray. Pieces that is simple but still sexy enough for dinner date.
On me:
Galleria PM, $1430.00
Hot pink off-shoulder top, $12.90
Gray knitted beret, $6.90
Turquoise ring, $5.95 h&m stores
Love silver bracelet, $12.00
Ami gray cargo jacket, $35.00 Filene’s basement store
Leaf earrings, $12.00
Light leather gray heels, $32.00
Green cargo fitted pants, $ 27.90

budget fashionistas go-to sites

For all the budget fashionistas out there! Shopping go-to websites. EnjoyJ
If you can think of any other websites, feel free to post them. Thanks.

On me:
Vintage hot pink earrings, $1.00
Blue and hot pink one sleeve dress, $74.00
studded black belt, $10.90

Lambskin quilted Chanel, $2975.00
black studded sandals, $ 35.00
black leather cuff, $12.95 h&m stores

“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”

I recently got this bracelet. I got it from one of my favorite online fashion site, for $12.00. To me, the smallest or simplest of things can have a big meaning. I look at this bracelet and see the word LOVE.  My blog title “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love,” says it all. Your fashion should be shaped by what you love <3  Don’t let anyone tell you what should look good on you...Instead, learn to love yourself with your flaws, imperfection, and/or faults and you will what find what fashion really shapes you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

20 days of work-fits

Work can be a drag… to brighten your day up, try dressing up in different combinations of colors, accessories and outfits.
This picture shows 20 days of work outfits combinations.  I like to switch things up so that it does not look like I repeat my outfits. Yay.
From left to right TOP ROW: Gray cardigan, $24.95 H&M stores, fuschia ruffle layer top, $22.95, fuschia pump $ 35.00, gray thin belt, $10.95, camel dress $54.95, gray booties $45.00, silk dark gray top $12.95 tjmaxx stores, black patent thin belt $10.95, pin stripe slacks (with matching jacket) $90.00 tahari from Filene's basement, floral flowy top $14.95 TJmaxx stores, black fitted skirt $5.00, floral headband $5.95, open toe patent black pumps $32.00, Gray cardigan, $24.95 H&M stores, chiffon black and white plaid top $5.00, vintage belt $6.00, downtown vintage Panama city FL, vintage black pants $4.99, faux suede gray pumps $19.99, Gray suit $80.00 H&M stores, purple silk floral top $12.95 TJMaxx stores, black patent thin belt $10.95                                                                                                                                               
From left to right MIDDLE ROW: Cotton long-sleeve floral dress $19.99 H&M stores, Vintage tweed jacket $8.00, open toe patent black pumps $32.00, Gray suit $80.00 H&M stores, chiffon brown cheetah top $22.95, brown knitted beret $9.00,  brown leather pumps $35.00, Gray cardigan, $24.95 H&M stores, beige satin top $12.95 TJMaxx stores,  beige slacks $22.95 TJMaxx stores, patent thin belt $8.95,  chambray denim dress $ 24.95 target stores, tan leather belt $ 14.95 H&M stores,  tan suede shoes $65.00, chiffon tie neck top $22.95,  gray pants (with matching jacket) suit $80.00 H&M stores, black eyelet t-shirt dress $14.95 Anne taylor (found in a thrift store),  Gray suit $80.00 H&M stores, geometric cotton royal blue top $19.99, black patent thin belt $10.95, faux suede royal blue pumps $24.95
From left to right BOTTOM ROW: Gray cardigan, $24.95 H&M stores, Silk red and white striped tank, $19.00,  tan leather belt $ 14.95 H&M stores, light gray skirt $19.99 target stores, tan suede pumps $65.00, gray plaid dress $24.95, red snake print belt $12.95 ross stores, black booties $22.95, red floral print top $1.00, floral headband $5.95, vintage black pants $4.99, light gray suit $10.00 Old navy (found in a thrift store), red and beige top $4.95, taupe belt $7.95, faux suede red pumps $22.95, navy blue cotton dress $21.95 TJMaxx stores, gray thin belt $10.95, faux suede silver studded pumps $35.00, Blue tailored shirt dress, $50.40,Tan suede heels, $65.00, Watch, $12.00, Tiffany heart sterling silver bracelet, $300.00, Louis Vuitton Rivington GM, $1190.00, black ruffle chiffon top $5.95 on sale TJMaxx stores, vintage black pants $4.99, faux suede zebra pumps $30.00, faux suede zebra cuff $10.95 claires accessories,

Friday, April 8, 2011

My love for Hennes & Mauritz

Why is H&M so awesome? Their clothes always follow the most recent trends for affordable prices. Chic and cheap- it’s a fashionista on a budget is all about!

My husband is my favorite adventure partner. This day we decided to explore more of Maryland and go to the old historic town of Annapolis for the day.  They have a beautiful quaint town with a pier by their town. We love to sight-see and just have fun.
On me:
Floral light blue and coral dress, $19.99 H&M stores
Brown belt, $12.95 H&M stores
Brown wedges, $19.99 Dolce Vita for Target
Leaf earrings, $12.00
Silver floral cuff, $11.90

Turquoise ring $5.95 H&M stores
Virgo necklace, $4.95

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A girl's gotta have her shoes

294 pairs of shoes. I know it's a little much but a girl's gotta have her shoes. I buy what I like because I believe in living with no regrets. I don't like passing up shoes because I end up looking back and wishing that I should have bought them. Of course I have a budget and I make sure I am not in any kind of debt
My rule is... that I don't buy shoes to match the outfit.I buy my whole outfit just for the shoes;)
On me:
Chiffon taupe dress, $15.00 (on sale) h&m stores
Leaf earrings, $12.00
Silver floral cuff, $11.90
Turquoise ring $5.95 H&M stores

Silver Dessa necklace, customize in bagdad iraq $60.00

Monday, April 4, 2011

Deal of the day

Dolce Vita has a great collection of shoes. Now it's even greater because of their collaboration with Target. Original Price of $ 29.99 is now on sale for $19.99. Get yours now at|B0044EFE5Y&CPNG=&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=B0044EFE5Y&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Spring Look book

Have fun with fashion. Create your own look book. Spring means my outfits consists of all the trends, florals, whites, maxi dresses, tribals, hats and head gears and fun fun accessories. On Me: LEFT: Red one sleeve dress, $22.80 Brown floral clip (attached to a generic elastic band) $5.95 H&M stores Tribal Glam Bracelet Set, $5.80 Turquoise ring $5.95 H&M stores Woven Clutch, $5.00 Virgo necklace , $4.95 Jessica Simpson Tan wooden heels, $79.99 Macy’s stores RIGHT: Woven fedora, $5.90 White cotton button shirt, $11.95 Vibrant Ikat skirt, $ 14.80 Red Epi Leather Speedy 25, $1030.00 Variety of wooden bangles, $4.95-6.95 Jessica Simpson Tan wooden heels, $79.99 Macy’s stores Turquoise ring $5.95 H&M stores

LEFT: Zig zag IKAT coral and brown one sleeve dress, $ 24.90 Variety of wooden bangles, $4.95-6.95 Woven Clutch, $5.00 Leaf earrings, $12.00 Jessica Simpson Tan wooden heels, $79.99 Macy’s stores MIDDLE: Came wide brim hat, $6.50 Purple strapless Satin Romper with brown belt, $22.80 forever21 .com Tribal Glam Bracelet Set, $5.80 Woven Clutch, $5.00 Vintage necklace, $8.00 downtown Vintage Panama city FL Jessica Simpson Tan wooden heels, $79.99 Macy’s stores RIGHT: White strapless rosette dress, $35.00 White vintage clutch $5.00 Leaf earrings, $12.00

LEFT: Woven Fedora hat, $5.80 Halter backless floral dress, $25.00 Variety of wooden bangles, $4.95-6.95 Leaf earrings, $12.00 Wooden dark brown heels, $35.00 Louis Vuitton Rivington GM, $1190.00 MIDDLE: Gray one sleeve chiffon dress, $79.99 H&M stores Leaf head gear, $12.00 Silver floral cuff, $11.90 Turquoise ring $5.95 H&M stores Virgo necklace, $4.95 RIGHT: Camel wide brim hat, $6.50 White knit top, $ 16.00 TJMAXX Denim Shorts, $19.99 TJMAXX Jessica Simpson Tan wooden heels, $79.99 Macy’s stores COACH white messenger bag, $300 Coach stores