Monday, November 28, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun

I love that 80’s song because I can definitely relate to it. I like to have fun!
 Life should be fun and we should try to live it to the fullest. That’s my goal- live life to its fullest with no regrets. I shop love to shop, travel the world, snowboard, and experience any opportunities that comes my way.
My idea of having fun applies to fashion as well. Fashion should be fun and not restricted with rules. If it’s a hit then it is a “YAY” for me. If it’s miss then… who cares?! Why should I care what anyone thinks, it is my expression and it’s fun for me.

 I decided to have fun with my Saturday shopping outfit this past weekend. I found this Disney top with Daisy duck on it from Target. It was super cute with pink prints. I decided to toughen it up with leather pants and harness boots and my vintage brixton hat. It’s definitely a fun “ME” outfit.

On me:
Disney “Daisy” longsleeve dolman top, $12.99
Faux leather leggings, $35.00
Sam Edelman Zoey boots, $224.00
Vintage pink brixton hat, $18.00
Lambskin quilted Chanel, $2975

Me and my baby in his cone of shame. lol. he would rather eat leaves and dirt than sit with his mama. 

Lunch date at hooters and shopping with my favorite person, my hubs. 


  1. This outfit is too super FAB! I love the hat, sweater, pants, AND boots. Need you to send them ASAP to me, LOL!

  2. sure thing girl. hahah. maybe we can swap our fashion finds;)