Friday, May 27, 2011

Travel style and tips

So I have a very long wait till I board the plane and an even longer time ride on my way to the west coast. 6 hours from DC to SF- really?! So I guess I will be blogging (my hubby suggested I should. lol)
We all have traveled either locally or globally. I have traveled over 50 countries and I learned to travel comfortably but still stylish.

 I am a girly girl so dresses are always my go to travel outfit. All you got to do is find the right look for you and style it up a bit. I styled my dress with a tribal look-a fedora hat, thick belt and bangles and vintage tribal necklace.

Travel tips: 

  • always carry a jacket or a cardigan just in case  you get cold in the plane ride.
  • Try to mix the same color scheme for your outfit so you don't end up over packing (I try to bring 3 different dresses per day so I have options;)
  •  Carry extra clothes in your carry-on in case they loose your luggages (which frequently happens to me. lol)
  •  and try to get all your expensive make-up, jewelry, etc in your carry-on (in case the luggage gets lost, you don't have to spend money to replace them temporarily)

I am now ready for my 4 day weekend in San Francisco. Yay!

On me:
Tribal tie knot black less "tramp" dress, $21.00 Tjmaxx stores
Woven fedora hat, $5.80
Tan belt, $ 14.00 bakers shoes stores
Red, navy and tan beaded necklace $7.00
Tan t-cross ankle cuff flats, $16.95
Variety of wooden bangles
Leather stitched cuff bracelet, $ 14.00 bought from a vendor in Ocean city MD
Galleria PM, $1430.00
Pink Marc Jacobs sleeve, $40.00  for my Macbook (carried inside my LV )


  1. I love your blog!! It's in my daily readings... I love the fact that you are a "normal" person that know's how to dress well. Keep up the great posts...
    stop by my blog I am faily new to all this...

  2. Thanks girl:) I will check out your blog!