Thursday, May 12, 2011

For LuluBuggs.....

I told a good friend of mine that this blog is about me and all the things and people I love in my life. Well, she complained about her not being in it... so lulu this is for you^_^

In life you meet certain friends that come a long way. No matter how long you have not talked to them or the drama you have been through, you can always count on these people to be there for you and support you no matter what. Sometimes even feed on your craziness. lol.
I have found a great group of girlfriends that I will always cherish and love...
Let me say first and foremost that they are all beautiful, smart, talented, funny and very very  loveable.
Wendy who is like family to of kind, has a big heart and love by all.. I mean ALL. She attracts so many friends and every single one falls in love with her personality
Lulu who has the spunk and personality like no one can compare to. She can always make you laugh no matter what the situation is.
Maxi .. my beautiful sister. she has the biggest heart anyone can have. She will help you out whenever you need it.
Sheryll... always the person you can depend on with your secrets. seriously she won't crack and never a doubt- she is our "girls for life" kinda friend
Char..since ever since.. she has the personality everyone adores.

BTW since this blog is mostly about fashion.. may I add that they are the most stylish group of people I know;)
there's no recent pics of all of us but one day.. ONE DAY soon our reunion will definitely happen. LOL

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