Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hit list

What's on your hit list?

These heels have been on my mind... oh please oh please... can I have them all? ^_^
One down....5 more to go. lol. Get em while you can!
Yellow studded heel Gomaxx, $50.00 shoebuy.com
Jessica Simpson "Bendie" color block heels, $90.00 bakersshoes.com
Jessica Simpson "Tookie" platform heels, $79.99 piperlime.com
Fuchsia  "Heist" suede heels, $120.00 asos.com
Promise "Pipa" stacked heel in lime, $52.00 heels.com
Spiked decor Sam Eldman "Lorissa" heel, $200.00 Zappos.com