Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bright and Beautiful Rompers

Trend Alert: Rompers

If you are not a dress type of person, the alternative are rompers. They are cute, very trendy and easy to put on (although difficult of you have to go to the bathroom). Rompers are good solution if you don't want to think of an outfit to wear. Plus, nowadays you can find them in bright colors and beautiful prints. So get your rompers!
On me:
Floral black and pink one sleeve romper, $ 19.00
Fuchsia silk romper, $ 24.00 (don't mind my hot-mess self, this is after a long day of
Teal a-line silk romper, $ 36.00 twentytwelve,
On runaways and on-line stores now:
Teal Azure Heaven romper, $45.00
Turquoise floral romper, $19.90
Blue and red tribal Cynthia Vincent romper, $224.00
Lime silk romper, $445.00

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