Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday Styles

I like doing activities. If I wasn’t working on my MBA, I will be out and about all the time. Doing activities means I get to wear outfits for each occasionJ This blog shows what my Saturday styles consist of:

Saturday morning and afternoon- I wanted to check out Theodore Roosevelt Island Park. Since the warm weather has finally hit the east coast. I wanted to wear my maxi dress that my best friend and hubby bought me from lulus. I was feeling the navy that day so with a fedora hat and blue belt, we were off to enjoy the out doors of DC.
On me:
Netting Some Fun Out of Life Beige Tank Dress, $61.00
Navy blue fedora hat, $9.99 TjMaxx stores
Vintage navy belt, $5.00 Downtown Vintage Panama city FL
Vintage brown Liz Clair born cross body bag, $5.95
Brown wooden bangles, $4.95- $6.95
Wooden dark brown heels, $35.00
Vintage necklace, $10.00 Downtown Vintage Panama city FL
Virgo necklace, $4.95
Leaf earrings, $12.00

Saturday night- My friends and I have been wanting to go bowling. So on a budget we found this old school bowling Alley in Silver Spring, MD. For $ 9 dollars per person and $ 5 per shoes and you can bowl from 10-1. Yes it was bit ghetto since you had to manually write your scores down and reset the pins. We snuck some wine into just to get tipsy for cheap. Lol. It was so much fun! I wanted to stay in my blue fedora hat so I found an outfit that was casual and bowling theme friendlyJ Yes, I like normally do, I bring flats to change into ^_^
On me:
Navy blue fedora hat, $9.99 TjMaxx stores
Gray Converse loose t-shirt, $1495 Target stores
Tan leather belt, $21.95
White and blue striped cotton shorts, $13.90
Leaf earrings, $12.00
Jessica Simpson Tan wooden heels, $79.99 Macy’s stores
Tan loafers ( I changed into) $19.00
Michael Kors leather gray bag, @230 Michael Kors stores

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