Wednesday, September 28, 2011


These photos were taken last fall but it’s one of my favorite photos of me and the hubster because it portrays what falls feel like to me. I have mentioned many times before that fall is my favorite season. To me, the falling and rustic leaves portray love in the air. This is the time everyone gets ready for winter hibernation with their significant other or family.  
As a fashionista, you can begin to wear your beautiful romantic dresses. Or you can mix and match from knit wear of shorts, skirts, tops, etc. I especially love wearing knee high stockings and leggings. Stockings and legging, from my point of view, is a seductive piece of garment. It covers you up yet is still very sexy. It’s still a little warm here in the east coast but I can’t wait until I get to fully dress up in my fall attire. What’s your favorite season and why?

On me:
Rust plaid romper, $24.95
Vintage beaded bracelet, Vintage treasures in Panama city
Knit over the knee off white socks, $36.00
Shearling leather boots, $35.00
Off white knit beanie, $24.95 bakers shoes store
Woven brown and beige belt. $10.95

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