Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The best dress a girl can wear….

I saw a bunch of girls’ blogging about their wedding so I was inspired to blog about my best dress as well. I think the best dress a girl can wear is her wedding dress. With the right person, it is the happiest day of her life with the most memorable dress she can wear. I have three dresses with this memory. One is my main wedding in Oahu Hawaii for the wedding ceremony at Makapuu beach and then next is my reception dress at Waikiki Rotating Tower restaurant. I also have my Vegas Elvis renewal wedding dress a year later. All my dresses are special to me since it is worn in an event with the most wonderful man I have ever met….

On me:
From top to bottom
Maggie Sottero Destination Wedding dress
Custom made sweet heart beaded gown
Asos one sleeve exaggerated dress
June 17, 2009 Oahu Hawaii

During our reception in my custom made beaded gown

Vegas Wedding Renewal August  2010

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  1. There are many good and bad behavior that should be followed during the search for better clothes to wear at a wedding or the wedding itself. First, avoid white as it is reserved for the bride. Avoid black, if it is a wedding day or if you are looking for dresses to wear to summer wedding. However, you can wear dresses that match the bridesmaid dresses because they are less important (except the bride!) Choose dresses that are totally feminine and where appropriate, which means also, you must strictly refrain from explicitly clothing like strapless and sexy see through clothes! Strapless is good, except when using a cardigan there! Next, you should avoid using long hand opera gloves, if any. If nothing is mentioned in the call to the dress code, then, nothing would be suitable for pastel color on the wedding day, while the black dress is a perfect choice for wedding night.