Monday, September 12, 2011

DIY: Maxi fringe skirt

Fringe is everywhere this fall. It has that boho/tribal look that many of us love. So when I saw this maxi fringe skirt in one of my on-line shopping sites, I thought why not make it myself.

I believe some things you don't need to pay big bucks to get the look- this maxi fringe skirt was one of them.
Here are the steps I did to get my very own maxi fringe skirt...
  1. Go to a thrift/vintage store and find a jersey maxi skirt in your color choice. Or you can go to your favorite cheap fashion store such as wetseal, forever21, charlotte rousse-one of these stores will eventually have them.
  2. Turn the skirt inside out. This way you can get a stencil or any kind of pencil liner to line the areas in which you will becutting. (Lining the areas to cut can prevent uneven fringes)
  3. Start cutting...This can be time consuming so be patient (unlike me) and make sure your fringes are cut evenly.
  4. Make sure that the top portion of your fringes where the cut ends are even.
There you go.. such easy steps for your very own fringe skirt. Enjoy.

The before and after picture of my DIY

On me:

As seen on fashion sites:


  1. I'm SO going to do this one!

  2. i need to know where to buy a fringe skirt because im trying to wear it the forst day of school n i CANNOT MAKE IT

    1. ok.. it is too late now but for whoever else wants to kno, you can check sites ad stores made for dancers.. thats where i got mine.