Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School Wear

The days I go to school, I come straight from work to school. I have very little time to change from my office wear to something a little more relax but I still try to be look super cute when heading out. Why not, it's another reason to strut my outfits!

On me:

Allison Taylor sleeveless cheetah frill top, $32.00 Macy's store
Pink button shorts, $ 16.95 forever21.com
Colin Stuart strappy animal print heels, $ 41.00 amazon.com
Silver floral cuff, $11.90 forever21.com 
Floral pin (pinned to generic elastic band)
In My Clutches Wooden Claw Necklace, 13.00 lulus.com
Damier Ebene Canvas Neverfull GM, $870.00 www.louisvuitton.com

I am loving my new LV Neverfull GM. It fits everything and it's versatile... for work, school or everyday wear. I love it! I didn't even know until recently they customize it with your initials. yay.

She is worth every penny;)


  1. Cute post! Can you post some pics with the Neverfull showing? I'm looking at getting one but can't decide on the size. Is the GM too big?

  2. the GM is big but I love it. It can fit almost everything I stuff in there. laptop, flats to change to, camera, etc. I def suggest to get it. I love mine. I will post pic of how it looks by itself. Thanks.