Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Never apologize for who you are….

I’ve learned through out the years that many people will judge you. Whether the judgment is bad or good, you must learn not to apologize for who you are…for what you have become and what you can do for yourself

For instance…. I love art and fashion. I use my photos and blogs to show my love for art and fashion. This may annoy some people but you know what… I don’t give a f*#k. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to look at my FB page, Chictopia page, or blog page.  I have stopped apologizing or feeling bad for who I am because in the end… those who actually matter in your life… loves your for everything you are.

This picture of me is many moons ago.. ok well last year. It was the last b-day of me in my 20’s. I am not a simple girl so I tend to over dress for occasions. This was just my b-day photo dress. On top of this.. I had my b-day beach dress and dinner dress on the day off my b-day and  b-day dinner/party dress that weekend to celebrate my b-day. I also had my b-day cruise dress. Yup.. that’s me…

On me for my b-day picture dress:

Off white Sweetheart chiffon puffy dress, $55.00 asos.com
Off white round ring, $6.90 forever21.com
Privilege crystal heel studded pump, $36.00 lovemyshoes.com
Silver tiara, $30.00 amiclubwear.com
Tiffany heart bracelet, $250.00 Tiffany.com

On me for my beach day b-day dress:
Lipsy Coral chiffon tie back dress, $72.00 Lipsy stores
Turquoise tribal bracelet, $ 7.80 forever21.com
Leaf silver earrings, $12.00 asos.com
Turquoise ring, $5.95 h&m stores

On me for my b-day weekend dinner dress:

Ruffle one sleeve “love me pink” dress, $52.00 lulus.com
Silver tiara, $30.00 amiclubwear.com
Silver strappy heels, $25.90 urbanog.com
Silver bracelet with pink, clear, and red gems, (vendors from Turkey)

On me for my b-day weekend party dress:
Body con fuchsia dress, $36.00 amiclubwear.com
Silver tiara, $30.00 amiclubwear.com

On me for my b-day weekend dinner cruise dress:
Sweetheart mess overlay dress, $72.00 asos.com
Black criss cross strap heels, $35.00 flyjane.net

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