Friday, December 9, 2011

Home Alone

When your significant other is out of town and you’ve one all you can do to pass the time on a Friday night such as grocery shopped, cleaned, cooked, altered any vintage projects whatsoever, what’s left but to play dress up.  It’s really what I do best when I am all alone. Hahah.
 I wanted to try on my new mesh leggings from It took a while for them to ship it but they have some pretty cute stuff so I think I will shop in their site again. I all about the retro look right now so when I saw these leggings on their site, I knew it had to belong in my closet.

Red lipstick, rad hats, graphic tees and leggings are one of my favorite retro looks.  

On me:
Graphic Audrey Hepburn  off-white loose tee,
Wool Trilby hat,
Mesh leather leggings,
Black platform victoria booties, (DIY project diy-studded-booties)
Michael Kors Stainless steel watch,
Leaf oversize ring,
Leather wrist band, bought in Croatia


  1. love your top and hat!! extremely stylish leggings and boots!!

  2. Hi Dessa! I love your outfit! I actually was inspired by you to purchase the same leggings! I purchased them online a week ago and it still says the order is being processed. How long did it take for you to get your order?