Sunday, December 18, 2011


I recently blogged about my  recent shoe obsessions, shoes with gems, sparkles and stud. See blog gems,sparkles,and studs.  I was tempted to buy one but a fellow fashionista friend suggested that she will DIY and save money. I was inspired and did the same. The original shoes, Hause of Price - Multi Gem Arch Heel, is priced for $239 from  My version of the bedazzled shoes has a total cost of less than $50 dollars.  I think it turned out pretty damn cute. I can't wait to rock it with skinny jeans or an LBD. Get inspired and start bedazzling your shoes:)

What you need:
Either heels or wedges. The shoes I picked is my Privilege wedge shoes, $42.00
A pack of gems, price range $2.80-$4.80 Michaels store or
Quick grip glue, $3.89 Michaels store or

My final touch is the heart gems on the heels. it's too cute:D

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  1. Love them. Check out my custom heels