Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Early Christmas

I am only blogging about this because my Christmas gift from the hubby is awesome this year. We opened our Christmas gifts early because we will be traveling for the holidays and will be spending Christmas apart with our families. The hubby got me what I have wanted for a while; a Marc by Marc Jacobs baby aidan. I already knew I was getting bag but since the hubby is very traditional, he did not let me open my gift until it was time for the gift unwrapping. He also got me a new pink Iphone otter (which is a necessity since I break all my phones) and video editing software. Thanks babes.
His gifts were there suits, DVDs and cufflink sets. Titan, our puppy, also got to open his Christmas gift. Like most dogs, he likes socks better than his gifts. Hahha.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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