Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lime garden and Harry Potter

Yup, my blog title is a little odd. lol. I titled it lime garden because-Yes I am a HARRY POTTER fanatic and also because my outfit for our Harry Potter movie date night was in theme of garden and lime. 

Lime is really not my go-to color. It's a hard color to pull off (partly because like my hubby says it reminds him of puke. lol) but I saw this cute sweetheart mesh dress in forever21 and thought why not. I added a touch of floral head piece I got from h&m for $5 ( hell yeah, a deal! ) to add a bit more girlish feel to it. 

When it comes to finding your own style and developing fashion, you have to take your risk on some colors or styles even if it may not look as good as what you see in the runaway or magazines. 

 I follow a quote that goes to say "You have to be a fashion risk-taker and be a person who tries everything and loves it."  

On me:
floral head piece, $5.95 h&m stores
Silver leaf earrings, $12.00
Heart tiffany pendant,
Lime sweetheart tulip dress, $22.90 forever21 stores
Off white Pink Duchess wedges, $42.00
Tan vintage clutch, $5.00
Damier Azur Canvas Speedy 35, $750.00

Pf. Changs for din din. yummmm

Ben & Jerry coffee ice cream before the movies

Harry Potter in  3D Imax. yay:D


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