Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fashion Rules

A friend e-mailed and ask me to blog about picking the right accessories for an outfit.

Here's the rule on fashion now- THERE ARE NO RULES.

For example, you can now mix brown and black colors which was a big no no before.  Silver and gold mix are ok, booties during the summer is even acceptable. My point is, there are no more fashion rules.   This no rule goes with picking your accessories as well.

I believe you should always dress on how you feel- be it a hit or a miss (Hopefully, it's a hit;)

So my advice on accessories,  pile it on the accessories if you want to feel wild and daring. If you feel like being classic and simple, keep the accessories to a minimum.

Picking from all these accessories can be tough but I just do ini mini miny moe. lol.

On me:

Animal print jumpsuit, $49.95 h&m stores
Asos portfolio envelope clutch, $34.48
Qupid green platform pumps, $32.00
Leaf asos earrings, $12.00
Wooden horn pendant, $18.00
Variety of wooden bangles all from forever21 stores
Love silver bracelet, $8.90


  1. Stumbled across your blog from chictopia...

    I love that clutch! So cute.


  2. Thanks girl! imma check out your blog:)

  3. loving the outfit, especially the clutch!!