Monday, July 25, 2011

Flats with dresses... yes please!

I love my heels but sometimes a break from them is a good thing. So once in a while, I will rock my flats with my dresses ( and not as back to change into;). I may not feel as sexy but it sure is comfy! and sometimes being comfortable is priority over looking sexy.

We added a new addition to the fam this weekend. His name is Titan. He is a teacup pomerania and his hair is just unruly but we love him. I wore this dress to meet the breeder and to pick up our new son, Titan. Wearing flats helped since we had to walk around a lot  get his goodies from petsmart and petco. Running around the whole day is tiring and I am so glad I went with my choice of flats.

On me:

Asos color block cut out dress, $35.00
Woven fedora hat, $6.90
Turquoise stone necklace, $ 7.80
love bracelet, $8.70
Canvas beige flats, $19.00
Damier Azur canvas speedy, $750.00

meet Titan Elliott, our cutey pie monkey face puppy.

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