Monday, July 18, 2011

Latest vintage finds

I love thrift/vintage shopping. You can find great deals and one of a kind pieces with amazing prices.
In my point of view, if you can rock a $2.00 top with a high end item and make it look like a million bucks then you got style.  
Jersey sequin dress "See by Chloe" $6.99
Houndstooth silk top, $4.99
Elevation silk floral dress, $5.99
Silk tie top, $2.99
Attention sheer floral top, $2.99
sequin bolero long sleeve jacket, $4.99
VS chiffon sheer top, $5.99
Chiffon teal dress with satin sash (length is long, pending to be altered) $4.99

[Click to enlarge the picture]


  1. I love every single outfit!!!!! I wish HI had some awesome vintage stores!

  2. I have a big love for vintage and antiques. I love to that you can put anything together and make a great outfit. Everything looks so good on you. You have inspired me, not sure on how to start a blog though.It's hard sometimes. I have a ton of clothes in my closet and don't know how to mix them right to make a cute complete outfit. But, I'm gonna give fashion more of a try. Even though sometimes it's easier just to throw on a t-shirt and jeans. But when I do take the time and dress up, it does put me in a good mood.

  3. JM- well whenever you are in town, we can go on a shopping craze! i might visit abby next year in LA. Can't wait to see the vintage stores down there.

    Sandra- thanks. I am so glad my blog inspires people like you. I think you should start a blog. it's fun:)

  4. WOW! what amaaaaazing finds. Where do you shop at?! Just yesterday I got a white lace dress and a polka dot frock from the 80s soo excited! But Chloe & YSL? Woman, you hit the jackpot!!

  5. kitkat- I get em at a local thrift/vintage store here. it's called uniquevintagestores. check em out and see if you have one near you.
    I know right, I can't believe I found a chloe dress and i checked on line and they are around 250ish dollars. score!

  6. good for you, dear :) !!! I wish I can find great vintage in my area as well..take care and have a very nice week :D !!