Sunday, August 21, 2011

YSL says... Fashion fade; style is eternal

Fashion fade; style is eternal [YSL]

I love this quote! Although  I believe that following fashion trends are good thing, I firmly believe that YSL is right-style is eternal. So when you find the style that looks good and you love, stick to it. You can jazz it up with trends but having your own style is what makes you unique.

enough said.

Today, we wanted to take the little furball to the dog park. Yes, my style... I am all about making a statement.  I will dress up even to the dog park;)

On me:
Vintage brixton hat, $4.00
Off shoulder have love hope tee, $16.95
Leopard print skirt, $19.00
Messeca Jesenia fringe heels, $77.00
Black Michael Kors cross-body bag, $250.OO Michael Kors stores


  1. love this skirt!nice girl:) want to invite you to check out my asos givaway!best wish La Folie 

  2. thanks Shara! I just followed your blog:)