Friday, October 7, 2011

A day with my bff

This was last Saturday and I have been meaning to blog it but I never got to. My bff Sheryll just got back from Iraq and she had a layover in Baltimore, MD. Yay. This means a day of fun-shopping, dining, and photo ops. It’s always good when you get to see your friends from your childhood days. Brings back good memories of how you came to be who you are now.  Have a great Columbus day weekend everyone.

On me:

Reverse Navajo skull print dress, $72.00
Jeffrey Campbell France strap boots, $180.00
(for my photo op, I took a picture with my shoe project a Jeffrey Campbell studded lita look a-like. I wanted to take a picture with it before all the studs fell off. Lol)
double studded ring, bakers stores
silver leaf earrings,

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