Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vintage revamped

I love vintage finds. I love revamping shirts, pants and dresses into something more up to date. I found this dress for $4.00 at unique thrift store. It looked long and frumpy but the trick with vintage finds is you gotta look at its potential. With a little altering of the hem, this long frumpy shirt dress became a cute 70's short dress for me to go out and about with.
I wore this dress to the mall today. Gotta be fashionable while shopping:)
On me:
Dark brown woven fedora hat with purple lining, $16.95 world market stores
Leaf earrings, $12.00
Green, purple and pink vintage shirt dress, $4.00
Turquoise ring, $5.95 h&m stores
Brown leather thin belt, $12.95 h&m stores
Wooden dark brown heels, $35.00
Dessa customize necklace
Vintage style shades, $15.00

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