Friday, April 8, 2011

My love for Hennes & Mauritz

Why is H&M so awesome? Their clothes always follow the most recent trends for affordable prices. Chic and cheap- it’s a fashionista on a budget is all about!

My husband is my favorite adventure partner. This day we decided to explore more of Maryland and go to the old historic town of Annapolis for the day.  They have a beautiful quaint town with a pier by their town. We love to sight-see and just have fun.
On me:
Floral light blue and coral dress, $19.99 H&M stores
Brown belt, $12.95 H&M stores
Brown wedges, $19.99 Dolce Vita for Target
Leaf earrings, $12.00
Silver floral cuff, $11.90

Turquoise ring $5.95 H&M stores
Virgo necklace, $4.95

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  1. :( thats the dress i wanted to but didnt have my
    looks fab on u of course :)