Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moving out weekend and Sunday night din din

I love dressing up even if it's just a small get together with friends. I can will make any excuses to get dress up like, "it's our Easter dinner or it's been a while since we have been out." My point is-You CAN ALWAYS MAKE EXCUSES TO DRESS UP;)
This weekend, we moved to into our new apartment. There was not much time to do anything so it was nice to get out  with our friends who helped us with our move. Our treat, of course,  for their awesomeness:). The best thing about this new apartment is that I got a bigger bedroom for my closet. Yay! I now have a walk-in closet inside my bedroom. To top it off, I get to put my day bed in there that's been in storage for years. Me and my friend Angie actually put it together without the guy's help. Now I can sit in my bedroom/closet and just look at my fabulous finds ^_^
On me: Black t-shirt, $7.00 charlotte russe
Royal blue chiffon skirt, $14.90
Silver floral cuff, $12.00
Vintage tribal wooden necklace, $7.00

Vintage vertical stripe dress, $5.00
Silver floral cuff, $12.00
Vintage tribal wooden necklace, $7.00
Tan woven belt, $10.90
Jessica Simpson Tan wooden heels, $79.99 Macy’s stores
Black Michael Kors cross-body bag, $250 Michael Kors stores

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