Monday, March 21, 2011

How do you feel? Fashion should be an expression of…YOU

A friend of mine gave me an advice for my blog… she said I should make it more personal and write about what inspired me to put my outfits together. I am not much of a writer; I am more of a visual person that is why it took me forever to blog. But I can give a try.
Fashion should be an expression of YOU. It should represent how you are feeling that time of day or night.
This past weekend, my outfits were for events such as… a night to paint the town red or in this case blue for a friend’s b-day celebration and laser tagging.
Sat, March 19.
You can dress sexy but still make it look classy. Since my dress was fitted or what they called body hugging and bright so I toned it down with gray shoes and accessories.
Blue fitted one-sleeved dress, $24.90
Gray heels, $35.00
Gray clutch, $33.00
Leaf earrings, $12.00
Gun metal tone bracelet, $8.90

Sun, March 20
Laser tag fun! Fashion and indoor/ outdoor activities can still go together. And no, I didn’t run around shooting laser tags with my heels. If you do decide to dress in heels, be prepared. I always bring my good ol’ vans or flats with me. Just change it up and you are ready!
Silk red and white striped tank, $19.00
Gray cardigan, $24.95 H&M stores
Green cargo fitted pants, $ 27.90
Tan belt, $10.90
Tan suede heels, $65.00
Gray cap, $10.90
Turquoise ring, $5.90 H&M stores
Tan wrap around watch, $11.90
Leaf earrings, $12.00
Gray faux leather messenger bag, $35.00
Vans tennis shoes, $55.00


  1. bought the silk striped tank, too!!! in navy/white and black/beige. going to try 'em with the cargo fitted pants!!! ♥ thanks, doll. ^__^

  2. So smart to bring your shoes with you whenever you wear heels, you never know what you'll end up doing:)