Friday, March 25, 2011

Add some color

Our daily life can get mundane. So what if we are not rock stars or movie stars? It does not mean we can’t dress fun. Add some color to your outfit even when it comes to your work attires. Yes, sometimes a 9-5 jobs getting little boring but having fun with fashion even when it comes to your boring job can go a long way with your mood.
In this outfit, I wanted to feel business woman-like yet still sexy. This dress went from a whole day at work then to my hubby’s happy hour celebration. It’s always a good thing when your outfit can be worn for different occasions. CHEERS to that!
Blue tailored shirt dress, $50.40
Tan suede heels, $65.00
Watch, $12.00
Tiffany heart sterling silver bracelet, $300.00
Louis Vuitton Rivington GM, $1190.00


  1. love this dress..... you look great!!!!

  2. Thanks girl:) you can get it too from