Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fashion Staple.

It is a must! A fashion staple is something that is versatile and can be worn for many occasions and several different ways. This spring season my fashion staples are cardigans, flats, printed tees and trench coats.

I recently bought 3 cardigans in the colors of gray, black, and tan. They were all $24.95 from H&M. I wear them with dresses, work outfits, jeans, shorts - practically…EVERYTHING.

I also added new flats to my collections in the colors of gray, black and tan. Flats are my go-to especially when I go out and about in heels and especially when I am at work. I don’t know about you, but I can only last a couple of hours in heels. Flats are versatile and like the cardigans, it can be worn with everything. This season you can also find them in brighter colors, which is another plus since bright colors are everywhere this spring.

The trench is very big this year. You can see them all the run away shows and fashion magazines. They have been updated to brighter colors or different silhouettes. I like my staples to be tone colors. So I went for the classic beige trench.  I found a great deal at H&M for $49.95. The other trenches behind me are: Vintage trench coat $20.00, forever21 denim trench coat $29.00, and white express trench $50.00

You don’t have

to spend big bucks to be fashionable. You can find great deals everywhere and look like you stepped right out of the fashion magazine. Stay tuned and I will show where to get all the good stuff J


  1. Where'd you get your flats (gray, brown, & black). So cool!!

  2. Hi. You can get them from gojane.com or amiclubwear.com. I got it for $13.00 each. Happy shopping:)

  3. wow, that's a great deal! thanks for the info. my name is Anna, btw. I came across your blog and thought, cool! thanks again

  4. Thanks Anna:) I am glad some people think its cool. lol. I don't know what the hell I am doing with this blog. heheh.

  5. Hey girl, where did you get the khaki colored jacket? And when you wear it with a belt like that, do you simply take off the belt at your destination, place it in your purse?

  6. Hey, my blog must have messed up. I got my jacket and lelt from h&m:) and If I take off the jacket, I just out the belt in its pocket, thanks for inquiring.